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The SugarShot

Welcome to SugarShot.

‘WTF is SugarShot?’ is usually the thing we hear next. And that’s fair.

It’s a unique name because our story is unique, and so is our future. We are two successful LA IT companies (CSG and I2X), merged together in 2018 in recognition that we can achieve greater things on the same team. We are two successful entrepreneurs (Arnie & Scott), friends for life, excited about the opportunity to combine four decades of knowledge and do IT differently. With this opportunity to build a next generation IT company, we needed a great name…


Systems, technology and infrastructure audit
Growth technology strategy for your business roadmap
We help fix the urgent issues while rolling out proactive initiatives
Industry leading continuity support
As Seen On:
Without SugarShot’s help, we could not effectively forecast our IT budget. Now, our down time and frustration level has been greatly reduced. SugarShot is a win-win proposition.
Diana Fair
SugarShot really does provide astoundingly good customer service. If there’s an issue I can generally get it resolved very quickly and in a very user-friendly way, and that’s quite special. SugarShot frees management to focus on core business.
Jeffrey Balash
Comstock Capital Partners
Everything went great with the new network set up. We will definitely use SugarShot again when the need arises.
Paul Chackel
Director of Technical Operations,
Benenson Strategy Group
SugarShot gives us piece of mind; the service level and responsiveness to tackling whatever issues arise is very quick. There hasn't been any downtime or problems with the network.
Scott Hayashi
Over the course of the last ten years, SugarShot, has risen to the occasion by undertaking the development of projects that required very fast turnaround and minimal supervision…I have always found the to be knowledgeable, diligent and patient with a high level of customer focus.
Denise Offutt
Senior Manager of Market Research,


We named ourselves SugarShot because it was about as different a name as we could imagine. Yes, it’s wild and different but we don’t mind the reactions… because we’re not here to blend in and condition to the norm. SugarShot is a wakeup call and rebellion against the IT grain. Technology and security management needs to evolve with the changing landscape of the industry. We know what you need now, and what you’ll need tomorrow because we are relentlessly watching, listening and learning – It’s led us to revolutionize our offering and begin building a new technology and security management platform to change the game for our clients.


Technology is changing our world dramatically. It’s easy to see. Think back just ten years – it wasn’t that long ago, but the way we do life and business has changed significantly because of technological advancements. These changes provide opportunities for you to leverage, but also threats that you must safeguard against. Most companies don’t put the measures and systems in place to consider both implications but it is more important than ever, that you have a strategy in place to consider both.   That plan is the result of bespoke strategic help. At SugarShot, our mantra is “Technology. Differently”, and to us, it’s more than just a clever catch phrase. It captures our intent to go against the IT grain and be the strategic and technical partner that our clients need. We implement elegant, secure and effective solutions for your technology systems. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach because you are unique and your IT strategy should be as well. We prioritize simplicity over complexity and our promise is simple. While other IT

companies are stuck in the past, we’re looking squarely to the future, giving you unprecedented access to game changing innovation so you can run your business better and grow, your way.   At SugarShot, we don’t just manage servers and software – We provide strategic planning. We map an operational IT blueprint for every technological piece in your business and

identify your most problematic gaps. Because, you deserve more and to get from where you are to where you want to be, you need a strategic and technical partner who is committed to giving you the insight and direction you want to implement the systems you need. Contact us right now


For many of your competitors, they will refuse to adapt, content that the way they’ve always done things will be enough – and they will not last. We are your technology partner, committed to helping you plan and execute growth, and not break along the way. At SugarShot, we’ll give you advice, risk assessments and strategy straight up, because we want you to last. We help you manage every technology piece in your company, collect your data, draw insights from it, and build an infrastructure that is protectable and powerful. That’s the peace of mind and confidence that you need to pursue your goals, with the knowledge your systems can grow with you.

LA, it’s time to do technology differently. Do it right and run your business on SugarShot.
We’ll even throw in free candy…and not the cheap stuff either. We’re talking Primo….Only.


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