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Cyber threats like phishing schemes, malware, ransomware, and DDoS attacks are up 30% since last year.

Are you protected?

Over the course of the last ten years, SugarShot, has risen to the occasion by undertaking the development of projects that required very fast turnaround and minimal supervision…I have always found the to be knowledgeable, diligent and patient with a high level of customer focus.
Denise Offutt
Senior Manager of Market Research,
Let me take this opportunity to compliment you and your entire staff on the excellent job you have done to get The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation online and ready. The outstanding solution you proposed has given us confidence.
Cary Garman
Director of Operations,
The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation
SugarShot's technology and available products have enhanced our efficiency and business mobility tremendously. Scott and the team have been extremely knowledgeable and I feel like an important client.
Jeff Munjack
JDM Financial Group,
SugarShot works very hard at what they do. They CARE about the customer and it's not just about earning a few dollars and spending a few hours. They focus on establishing a relationship with their customers with honesty and integrity.
Fred Simab
Pacific Document Signing
SugarShot allows me to focus on what I do best: running my company. Our network is no longer held together with bubble gum and bailing wire. With SugarShot we have a solid infrastructure in place.
Mike Holwick
Holwick Construction


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You need security, and not just for operational continuity – it should be an essential piece in your growth strategy and scalability. While technology provides us unprecedented benefits for business leaders everywhere, it also presents security risks that stand to impact your operations in unimaginable ways. We wrote this ebook to help.

YOU ARE GOING TO GET HACKED - What to do when it happens & How to stop it

By Scott Spiro Co-Founder, SugarShot

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SugarShot: One Package for
Your Cybersecurity Needs

Most IT companies offer cybersecurity as a separate service. But we’re not like most IT companies. In fact, we’re a rebellion against the IT grain because (if you hadn’t already noticed).   We don’t believe IT support should be complicated or ridiculously expensive. That’s why we integrate cybersecurity in every aspect of our service options. We embark on business risk assessments that consider the compliance needs for growing organizations across multiple industries and give you the protection and security you need for peace of mind.   You have hundreds of technology needs, and cybersecurity is just one piece of the puzzle. How do you know which solutions to prioritize and when to deploy them? Our powerful process takes the guesswork out of IT decisions. We audit your security foundation to define your most pressing technology needs and outline a roadmap to conquer them. SugarShot is a holistic solution, focused on solidifying your IT foundation and moving you toward operational maturity.

SugarShot Cybersecurity

Shield your business from modern digital security threats

The security issues facing your business today are completely different than the issues you faced a decade ago. With new sophisticated hacks and viruses emerging every day, IT security is no longer a “set it and forget it” initiative. The implications of a data breach or network virus can be devastating. We understand the security compliance needs of growing organizations and ensure the right architecture, prevention measures and detection processes are in place to give you peace of mind.

The importance of operational continuity

The implications of a data breach or network virus can be devastating. The downtime you experience effects operational continuity and profitability. You need proactive and constant network security monitoring, intrusion detection and advanced threat management to confidently protect your business.

The right IT security partner for your business

At SugarShot, we help businesses across the USA take control of their cybersecurity systems, software and monitoring to build a sustainable and profitable future. Cybersecurity isn’t an optional add-on— it’s at the core of everything we do. We dive deep to ensure you operate at best practice levels and thoroughly protect your business from losing time, energy, money and productivity.

5 Reasons to Choose SugarShot

1. Greater Insight
Through future proofing your technology solutions, business growth intelligence and data visualization.
2. Greater efficiency
Integrating your tools and software to streamline operations, ensure business continuity, maximize compliance and mitigate risk.
3. Greater performance
Helping your team and IT systems perform better through your operational assets, collaboration tools, phones & VoIP etc.
4. Greater security
Developing your security foundation through anti-virus, employee training, process improvement, network maintenance and technology driven security layers.
5. Greater foundation
The infrastructure, strategy and plan that you need to keep the doors open and operate the business well.
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Our Approach to Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a fundamental piece of your IT puzzle. If you treat IT security like an afterthought or add-on, you won’t have the resources to sustain growth and ward off increasing cyber threats. That’s why SugarShot weaves cybersecurity into everything we do. We don’t make any technology decisions for your business without considering the cybersecurity implications first.

Here’s what choosing SugarShot as your cybersecurity company looks like.  


1. Complete a Risk Assessment

First thing’s first – we need to understand what we’re working with. We begin every engagement with a thorough business risk, security and process assessment. We audit your systems, technology and operations and look for weak spots, cost inefficiencies and hidden security risks.  


2. Discover Your Security Score

Based on our assessment findings, we calculate your score, and define your security posture with risks. Armed with this information, you’ll gain a clearly prioritized IT roadmap.  


3. Prioritize Your Cybersecurity and Business Needs

Next, we develop a comprehensive growth strategy to improve your score and future-proof your business. We lay out all the resources and costs required to get you from A to B. We recommend cybersecurity initiatives that will move the needle for your business, including data security, network security and intrusion detection.  


4. Improve Your Position

With your goals in focus, we roll out new initiatives to improve your operational maturity score and make you more cyber resilient. Every business is different, so your path to operational maturity will be unique. You won’t get a cookie-cutter plan. After all, your success is our success.

Supporting your cybersecurity journey

Comprehensive Data Security Management:

Your business runs on information. Managing employee access and implementing security protocol is the first step to simple yet effective data security. Increase productivity with data security management that keeps your information safe and available.

Industry-Leading Intrusion Detection and Prevention:

Track and thwart digital threats with advanced intrusion detection and prevention services from SugarShot. Gain a dedicated security vigilante to defend against threats, expose weak spots and continually strengthen your digital walls.


Advanced Network Security:

Malware, viruses and malicious users can take down a network in no time. Arm your business with a state-of-the-art network security architecture, and never worry about outside threats again.

Expert On-Call IT Security Services:

You don’t have the time or energy to waste on unresponsive IT security consultants. As your on-call IT security staff, our battle-tested security experts are available 24/7 to protect your IT infrastructure and answer your questions.

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Protecting your digital assets – from servers and applications down to individual files – is multi-layered and complex. At SugarShot, we handle the hard stuff and guide you every step of the way to achieve peak cyber resilience.
Your IT security needs will look completely different than another company’s. That’s why we audit and classify your IT infrastructure before devising your cybersecurity plan.
With our straightforward pricing model, you’ll never have to wonder where your money is going. You pay per user and per device, giving you the freedom to scale as needed.
We take our reputation seriously. Our USA-based team of cybersecurity experts take the stress out of protecting your business, and have been recognized for it as a 2015 and 2016 Inc. 5000 Honoree.
SugarShot has the experience and innovation you can count on to shield your company from the full range of security threats you face every day. Get the confidence to stop stressing about IT security and start focusing on growth.

What Else Do You Get With SugarShot Cybersecurity?

You don’t have to pick and choose which security services to spend your budget on. They’re all included with SugarShot. We support your cyber resilience journey with customized IT security services:  

Constant Communication

We check in weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually to evaluate business objectives and hash out new goals.    


Energetic Technical Team

Our LA-based team is made up of passionate, experienced IT pros who are eager and ready to take your business where it needs to go. (And we’re fun to hang out with, too…Because we provide free candy every time we meet)    


Strategic Business Advice

We strive to be sweeter, but we don’t sugarcoat anything. Candid, business-centric advice and technology prioritization is our forte.  


24/7 Managed IT Support

We keep your infrastructure at peak health with industry leading services including help desk, recover, compliance, remote and onsite support, monitoring and maintenance.

Why Trust SugarShot With Your Cybersecurity?
And What Does it Cost?


At SugarShot, we do technology differently. If you’re looking for a standard IT company that looks, talks and feels like the rest of the bunch, you may want to keep walking.  


Pricing That Makes Sense

We go beyond generic cybersecurity support to keep you operating at peak performance and thoroughly protect your business. We charge by user and device so your cybersecurity cost is always predictable. No more hidden fees and anxiety-inducing IT support bills.

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