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Sugarshot Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services Just Got Sweeter

Simple pricing. Clear technology priorities. Continuous business insight. And security baked into every level. At SugarShot, we’re shaking up IT services and future-proofing US businesses with unrivaled insight into our clients’ technology and IT security needs.

Keep your business running with the right Managed IT Services partner

The right IT services provider should help and not hinder operational continuity. You need to keep your business running at optimal performance and your IT systems and technology play a pivotal role in ensuring that. Simple IT oversights lead to costly downtime but SugarShot catches technology problems before they impact your business.

We do Technology. Differently

At SugarShot, we implement Technology. Differently. We believe that slow and unreliable technology is crippling for a growing business, and we offer a technology and IT blueprint to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. This includes implementing a stabilized IT environment and secure processes that remove the stress and burden of IT from your plate. We specialize in managed IT services and computer network services for businesses across the United States from Los Angeles to Nashville, Miami and more.


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The SugarShot Guarantee

Increased IT reliability
Holistic security strategy
Easy to understand pricing
Ongoing audits and advisory
12-36-month growth roadmaps
Free candy. Anytime. Just ask.

SugarShot: Your Path to
Advanced IT Performance

Prioritizing solutions

You have hundreds of technology needs. But how do you know which solutions to prioritize and when to deploy them? Our powerful process takes the guesswork out of IT decisions. SugarShot offers holistic managed IT services, focused on solidifying your IT foundation and moving you toward operational maturity.


No more surprises

Is your managed IT services bill full of surprises? At SugarShot, we believe the level of IT support you get shouldn’t depend on your size or how much money you’re willing to fork over. We’re democratizing IT services to offer all companies peace of mind with their technology and business solutions. That’s why we offer one robust package with clear, commonsense pricing. Forget hidden fees and anxiety-inducing IT bills. We charge by user and device so your IT services cost is always predictable and scalable.

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5 Reasons to choose SugarShot

1. Insight
Through future proofing your technology solutions, business growth intelligence and data visualization.
2. Efficiency
Integrating your tools and software to streamline operations, ensure business continuity, maximize compliance and mitigate risk.
3. Performance
Helping your team and IT systems perform better through your operational assets, collaboration tools, phones & VoIP etc.
4. Security
Developing your security foundation through anti-virus, employee training, process improvement, network maintenance and technology driven security layers.
5. Foundation
The infrastructure, strategy and plan that you need to keep the doors open and operate the business well.
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After SugarShot conducts a comprehensive IT audit of your systems and processes, we deliver a clear blueprint of your gaps, strengths and needs, distilled into projects for approval and an ongoing per user, per month fee void of any lock-in contracts.   Instead of confusing, long-form proposals that are difficult to understand and question, we lay it all out in your language, giving you the data you want to implement the systems you need.


  • Scalable managed IT solutions that grow as you team grows, agile and secure enough to last the distance.
  • Long term blueprint planning aided with short term, on the ground IT service roll outs.
  • Complete security and compliance testing, regularly determining the effectiveness of your defense systems.
  • Expert technical assistance for problems, challenges and incidents that occur to prevent and fix downtime and potential data loss

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We would like to thank you and your team for the excellent work you have done to facilitate this large network transition from our parent company. We are grateful for your creative approach to building our network structure that has better security, efficiency, and productivity.
Teri Boyle
Vice President of Corporate Operations,
Monarch Owner Services
SugarShot really does provide astoundingly good customer service. If there’s an issue I can generally get it resolved very quickly and in a very user-friendly way, and that’s quite special. SugarShot frees management to focus on core business.
Jeffrey Balash
Comstock Capital Partners
SugarShot brought education along with security. To be able to come home and spend time with my wife and son and know that every service that SugarShot provides is working is great piece of mind. It's that simple and that amazing.
Mark Macdonald
Venice Nutrition
SugarShot allows me to focus on what I do best: running my company. Our network is no longer held together with bubble gum and bailing wire. With SugarShot we have a solid infrastructure in place.
Mike Holwick
Holwick Construction
Over the course of the last ten years, SugarShot, has risen to the occasion by undertaking the development of projects that required very fast turnaround and minimal supervision…I have always found the to be knowledgeable, diligent and patient with a high level of customer focus.
Denise Offutt
Senior Manager of Market Research,

Your Custom Roadmap to
Technology and Business Success

SugarShot is more than just a managed service provider.

We’re your platform for success.
Our USA-based team is made up of passionate, experienced IT pros who are eager and ready to take your business where it needs to go. (And we’re pretty fun to hang out with, too). Leave your assumptions about IT support at the door, because we’re anything but traditional. Here’s what partnering with SugarShot looks like.  


1. Complete a Risk Assessment

Before introducing new IT solutions, you need to understand your starting point. In this technical and business risk assessment, we audit your systems, technology and operations across five dimensions: Survival, Security, Efficiency, Performance and Insight.  


2. See Your Operational Maturity Score

Your operational maturity score quantifies your security posture and business risks. Armed with this information, you gain a clearly prioritized roadmap to operational maturity.  


3. Prioritize Your IT and Business Needs

Next, we develop a comprehensive growth strategy to improve your score and future-proof your business. We lay out all the resources and costs required to get you from A to B – and then we make it happen.  


4. Get 24/7 Support

With your goals in focus, we work with you consistently to roll out new initiatives, overcome challenges and evaluate progress. 5. Improve Your Score Your success is our success. We adapt to changes, offer technology insights and provide strategic guidance every step of the way.  


5. Constant communication

We check in weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually to evaluate business objectives and hash out new goals.


Unlock new technology opportunities and leverage them against your competitors.
Protect against unwanted IT downtime, potential security breaches and negligent data loss events.
Run your business more efficiently, with better productivity, and with less stress from IT failure.
Align your technology strategy with your business objectives to create a plan that helps and doesn’t hinder growth
Receive regular communication and monitoring reports.

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What You Get With
SugarShot IT Services

Servers, Networks & Cloud Storage
Disaster Recovery
Software & Licensing
Anti-Virus & Network Monitoring
Server Maintenance & IT Support
Security & Compliance
Machine & Computer Procurement
Remote & Onsite IT Support
IT Consulting & Intelligence
Our services don’t end there.

Here’s what else you get

Advanced Risk Assessment
  • We audit your systems, security and processes to understand your current risk and uncover areas to improve.
Operational Maturity Score
  • Based on our risk assessment, we calculate an operational maturity score for your business. We focus every strategic decision on improving your score and making you more cyber resilient.
Roadmap to Cyber Resilience
  • We clearly prioritize your technology needs and outline a roadmap to get where you want to go. We lay out every technology piece and cost so there are zero surprises along the way.
24/7 Managed IT Services
  • We keep your infrastructure at peak health with industry leading services including helpdesk, compliance, recovery, remote and onsite support, monitoring and maintenance.



Have you been burned by IT support companies in the past? You’re not alone. Standard IT companies cause tons of headaches for businesses, like obscure package options and confusing pricing, unclear recommendations and lackluster communication. At SugarShot, we are dedicated to avoiding confusing tech jargon but instead use real language you understand. Changing IT providers can feel daunting, but it needn’t be. It starts with a free conversation to understand what you’re looking for.


You may realize it’s time to upgrade your existing systems, and you want to better understand what’s needed and how to go about it. You need a partner to help. We strive to be sweeter, but don’t sugarcoat anything: Candid, business-centric advice.

Sweeter, more sensible IT solutions

SugarShot is an open rebellion against the IT grain. If you’re looking for a standard IT company that looks, talks and feels like the rest of the bunch, you may want to keep walking. We go beyond generic IT support to breathe new life into your business. Here’s how:  


Real-time communication and strategic guidance.

You need an expert in your corner to help you plan and anticipate future needs. Our dedicated team will be there every step of the way to offer ongoing strategic advice, intelligence and confidence.  


Security comes first in everything we do.

For most modern businesses, security is a growing concern and necessary for survival. We don’t charge extra for a separate security product. Security is embedded in our DNA and weaved into every service we offer.  


Technology insights that power business growth.

Nothing gets us more excited than helping businesses build a sustainable future. We design a tactical roadmap to show you where you are and get you where you want to be.  


Technology made ridiculously simple.

We take all the complexities of IT and boil them down into a single holistic solution, customized to you. You’ll understand exactly what you’re getting, how much it costs and how each piece fits into your growth goals.  


Simple, flexible pricing.

With our straightforward pricing model, you’ll never have to wonder where your IT budget is going. You pay per user and per device, giving you the freedom to scale and flex as needed.