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We do Technology. Differently. We are a rebellion against the IT grain. We give away free candy. You should probably come work for us.

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Hi. Welcome to SugarShot. We’re excited you even decided to click on this page, but not nearly as excited as we are about the vision of this company. We are not your typical IT company and if that’s what you’re looking for, you may want to leave now. At SugarShot, we’re building a brand that stands for something. Our passion is to help businesses take hold of their technology and use it to power their growth story. If that sounds like something you could get behind, we’d love you to consider applying for a role at our company. Because who decided IT had to be boring? We hope you come along on the journey.

Our culture
matter to us

Do you Love people?
Our clients are everything. We’re committed to being the #1 IT provider in the USA, by every metric.
Do you have energy & Experience?
We bring the energy of Silicon Beach combined with the experience of seasoned veterans. We’re looking for like minded operators who are excellent and passionate about what they do. We believe you can’t teach that kind of energy, and what it brings to the client experience is amazing.
Are raving fans your #1 goal?
We don’t mind doing things differently. We don’t believe the status quo means it’s the right way. If you challenge the norm and like to find ways to improve things, you’ll fit right in.
Do you mind rebelling against the grain?
It’s our #1 goal. If our clients aren’t raving fans, we must work harder. That’s the sort of commitment we ask for from our team. To be better every day on a mission to create raving fans. We don’t demand perfection, but we do ask for effort.
Clients testimonials
Working at SugarShot is like hanging out with family, in a good way! You get to spend your day with people you genuinely enjoy being around and get to share big life experiences. Everyone is rooting for you to succeed.
Brian JulianoSugarShot Team, Los Angeles, CA
Clients testimonials
I love being part of a team that is as excited about I.T. as I am. Working at SugarShot gives us the opportunity to experiment with breakthrough technologies which we then pass on to our clients. The culture is second to none, and every member of the team brings a unique expertise to the company.
Mike DidianoSugarShot Team, Los Angeles, CA
Clients testimonials
Working at SugarShot is awesome. We have a great team that loves to go the extra mile for our customers!
Marie PhelpsSugarShot Team, Los Angeles, CA

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