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Complete IT audits
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IT Audits

01 Uncover the truth

Slow and unreliable technology can cripple business growth. Patching your IT problems may work in the short term but often, surface level fixes hide systemic issues that can prevent your company from scaling. At SugarShot, we help businesses make sense of their technology with a holistic IT audit. Our method is simple: First, we inspect your business from top to bottom and discover what’s not working. Then we build a plan that fixes your gaps, prioritize your needs and designs a clear technology roadmap to get you where you want to go. Finally, we help you plan put measures in place to prevent and respond to incidents that can cause upheaval in your business.

02 Clear and comprehensive

Traditional IT risk assessments often bring more confusion than clarity. You uncover problems and inefficiencies only to be left scratching your head and wondering how you’re going to fix them and which to tackle first. Our talented systems specialists investigate your infrastructure, security compliance and monitoring processes to better understand your unique setup. Then, we deliver a clear and comprehensive IT audit report that identifies your gaps, the areas you need to focus on first and critical concerns.

03 IT security recommendations

An IT audit doesn’t just stop at infrastructure, hardware and systems. It extends to processes that impact the ongoing performance of your IT systems as well as best practice security and disaster recovery protocols.


The Sugarshot
approach to
IT audits

If you’ve been burned by IT support companies in the past, you’re not alone. IT companies are notorious for slow response times, bad communication and arbitrary technology recommendations. SugarShot is your virtual CIO service, running high level strategy to align your technology with the business objectives you have in place. SugarShot takes IT audits two steps further and identifies gaps while recommending IT solutions for roll out. With our USA based IT consulting service, you receive a comprehensive IT audit, and a clear blueprint that guides your IT needs into the future.

Stage 1
Investigate Your It Infrastructure
Our talented systems specialists talk to your key staff, review your processes and take a detailed inventory of your current technologies, applications and systems.
Stage 2
Learn Your Goals
We make every recommendation with your future business plan in mind. We want to know your goals – one year, five years and a decade from now.
Stage 3
Identify IT Gaps
We pinpoint processes and technologies that are costing you unnecessary time, money and resources.
Stage 4
Uncover Critical Risks
We look at your security posture to identify pressing security risks. Some may not be affecting your business now but could cause serious problems in the near future.
Stage 5
Assign An Operational Maturity Score
Based on our findings, we assign you an operational maturity score. Your score quantifies your security posture, risks and efficiency. It makes it easy to visualize how your business stacks up to others and where you have room for improvement.
Stage 6
Create And Execute A Strategic Plan
We don’t believe in confusing, long-form proposals that are difficult to understand. We cut to the chase and lay out all the IT resources and costs required to get you from A to B. Then we get to work.

Our IT audit report contains

Server & Storage Environment Audit
IT Security & Compliance Testing
Audit of Processes & Protocols around IT
Software, Hardware & Licensing Audit
Strategic IT blueprint
Critical Concerns with Recommendations
Easy to understand Pricing Recommendations
Business Continuity Planning

A platform to manage your
technology blueprint & risk

Technology matters. It plays an important role in the daily operations of your business and paves the way for future growth. Making it scalable, compliant, secure, and ready to support your growth trajectory is pivotal to success. From planning for cybersecurity threats, licensing clean ups, policy gap fixes, compliance accountability, and cloud infrastructure updates, Frosty helps manage every technology consideration within your business through the lens of risk reduction.

A strategy first framework
Plan and manage your technology, security, and compliance initiatives strategically by connecting priorities to the bigger picture of where you are going and how you will get there.
Guaranteed alignment
Achieve alignment across your organization by agreeing on risk appetite, strategic priorities, and known operational gaps. Alignment allows you to decide what to do, and importantly, what to do next.
Risk reduction tracking
Uncover risk in the business through Frosty’s comprehensive framework which covers every possible corner of your technology infrastructure. Where risk is higher than you’d like it, plan for and track risk reduction as initiatives are completed.
Priority and timing
Not every important initiative is urgent. Frosty helps you prioritize what to do next by assessing the quantum of risk reduction it represents. Decide what to do now and plan three years out with aligned budgets and no surprises.
Clients testimonials
SugarShot works very hard at what they do. They CARE about the customer and it's not just about earning a few dollars and spending a few hours. They focus on establishing a relationship with their customers with honesty and integrity.
Fred SimabPresident, Pacific Document Signing
Clients testimonials
We would like to thank you and your team for the excellent work you have done to facilitate this large network transition from our parent company. We are grateful for your creative approach to building our network structure that has better security, efficiency, and productivity.
Teri BoyleVice President of Corporate Operations, Monarch Owner Services
Clients testimonials
SugarShot really does provide astoundingly good customer service. If there’s an issue I can generally get it resolved very quickly and in a very user-friendly way, and that’s quite special. SugarShot frees management to focus on core business.
Jeffrey BalashChairman, Comstock Capital Partners
Clients testimonials
Over the course of the last ten years, SugarShot, has risen to the occasion by undertaking the development of projects that required very fast turnaround and minimal supervision…I have always found the to be knowledgeable, diligent and patient with a high level of customer focus.
Denise OffuttSenior Manager of Market Research, EPSON AMERICA
Clients testimonials
I can’t say enough good things about SugarShot. They are timely, responsive and create great things! My experience has been top notch from start to finish and I continue to use them as my preferred vendor.
David Mathison, M.D.CEO,
Clients testimonials
“Before switching to SugarShot, I became overwhelmed at maintaining my own IT due to updates and new technologies. It was difficult for me to take vacation. I used the SugarShot monitoring services not only for 24-hour support but also to eliminate the hassle of managing an internal IT employee.”
Paul LinPresident, United Pacific Industries
Clients testimonials
Let me take this opportunity to compliment you and your entire staff on the excellent job you have done to get The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation online and ready. The outstanding solution you proposed has given us confidence.
Cary GarmanDirector of Operations, The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation
Clients testimonials
My computer died last night; over the weekend, and your Engineer met me at Best Buy and helped me buy a machine, took it and my old one home with him overnight, and had the whole thing working for me this morning.
Gareth SchweitzerFounder & President, Kelton Global
Clients testimonials
Arnie also knows his industry inside and out and helped us avoid many pitfalls and problems that came up as we scaled to a larger company. We would have never been able to handle all the server issues, bandwidth issues, and security issues.
Daniel SavagePresident, Educational Science Corporation
Clients testimonials
SugarShot brought education along with security. To be able to come home and spend time with my wife and son and know that every service that SugarShot provides is working is great piece of mind. It's that simple and that amazing.
Mark Macdonald CEO, Venice Nutrition
Clients testimonials
SugarShot's technology and available products have enhanced our efficiency and business mobility tremendously. Scott and the team have been extremely knowledgeable and I feel like an important client.
Jeff MunjackJDM Financial Group,
Clients testimonials
SugarShot gives us piece of mind; the service level and responsiveness to tackling whatever issues arise is very quick. There hasn't been any downtime or problems with the network.
Scott HayashiCFO, Arbios
Clients testimonials
Everything went great with the new network set up. We will definitely use SugarShot again when the need arises.
Paul ChackelDirector of Technical Operations, Benenson Strategy Group
Clients testimonials
Without SugarShot’s help, we could not effectively forecast our IT budget. Now, our down time and frustration level has been greatly reduced. SugarShot is a win-win proposition.
Diana FairCEO, Eaturna
Clients testimonials
SugarShot allows me to focus on what I do best: running my company. Our network is no longer held together with bubble gum and bailing wire. With SugarShot we have a solid infrastructure in place.
Mike HolwickPrincipal, Holwick Construction

How To Calculate
Operational Maturity

We dive many layers deeper (more than 50 data points) than your standard IT audit to score your business:

  • Server and storage environment
  • IT security & compliance policies
  • Anti-virus & anti-malware
  • Software, hardware and licensing
  • Disaster recovery policies
  • Access management & password security
  • Physical security
  • Collaboration tools and file management

IT strategy at
our core

Software and hardware are important, but they don’t tell the whole story.

  • Every company has a unique set of IT needs and there is no one-size-fits all approach. We provide a bespoke service.
  • SugarShot offers Scalable IT solutions that grow as your team grows, agile and secure enough to last the distance.
  • Experienced IT and technology strategists deliver comprehensive audits to uncover your gaps, opportunities, critical risks and recommended outcomes.
  • Long term blueprint planning aided with short term, on the ground IT service roll outs, helps you now and in the future
  • Complete security and compliance testing, regularly determining the effectiveness of your defense systems.
  • Expert technical assistant for problems, challenges and incidents that occur to prevent and fix downtime and potential data loss
  • The SugarShot 100% satisfaction guarantee, means you know you’re getting the best service possible.
Competitively priced. Award winning support. Get a quote.
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