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Drive more reliability, security and performance for your team through advanced IT cloud services.

Arnie also knows his industry inside and out and helped us avoid many pitfalls and problems that came up as we scaled to a larger company. We would have never been able to handle all the server issues, bandwidth issues, and security issues.
Daniel Savage
Educational Science Corporation
My computer died last night; over the weekend, and your Engineer met me at Best Buy and helped me buy a machine, took it and my old one home with him overnight, and had the whole thing working for me this morning.
Gareth Schweitzer
Founder & President,
Kelton Global
SugarShot works very hard at what they do. They CARE about the customer and it's not just about earning a few dollars and spending a few hours. They focus on establishing a relationship with their customers with honesty and integrity.
Fred Simab
Pacific Document Signing
“Before switching to SugarShot, I became overwhelmed at maintaining my own IT due to updates and new technologies. It was difficult for me to take vacation. I used the SugarShot monitoring services not only for 24-hour support but also to eliminate the hassle of managing an internal IT employee.”
Paul Lin
United Pacific Industries
We would like to thank you and your team for the excellent work you have done to facilitate this large network transition from our parent company. We are grateful for your creative approach to building our network structure that has better security, efficiency, and productivity.
Teri Boyle
Vice President of Corporate Operations,
Monarch Owner Services


Cloud migration
Productivity audit
Mobility analysis
Hosting & file storage
Applications & software
Collaboration tools
24/7 on-call support
Remote & onsite support
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You need security, and not just for operational continuity – it should be an essential piece in your growth strategy and scalability. While technology provides us unprecedented benefits for business leaders everywhere, it also presents security risks that stand to impact your operations in unimaginable ways. We wrote this ebook to help.

YOU ARE GOING TO GET HACKED - What to do when it happens & How to stop it

By Scott Spiro Co-Founder, SugarShot

The SugarShot Guarantee

24/7 enterprise grade security
Cloud service strategy to scale with you
Peace of mind - So you can watch Netflix at night
Free candy. 24/7.
Local, dedicated support
A track record of 20 years


Compliance reporting
Infrastructure as a service
Website hosting
Email security
File storage
Team security training
Onboard from anywhere
Meetings & presentations

SugarShot: One Package for
Your Cybersecurity Needs

We’re not like most IT companies. We do technology differently and in case our brand didn’t make this clear, we’re a rebellion against the IT grain because. IT is complex but it doesn’t need to be complicated. We integrate cybersecurity, IT managed services and cloud solutions into one easy to digest monthly fee that can grow with you. From compliance to scalability, strategy and audits, we have you covered with SugarShot’s comprehensive managed services and cloud consulting offering. Your technology needs are too numerous for you to handle all on your own – And that’s why we are the partner you need to deploy technology across your business, securely and powerfully for your team.

SugarShot Cloud services for US based businesses

Shield your business from modern digital security threats

The world has changed and the cloud has brought on new meaning. Today, businesses face mobility, collaboration, flexibility and productivity challenges – and the cloud helps to solve all of them. At SugarShot, we help you determine the tools, technology and security that’s fit for purpose and your business stage of life. We onboard and train your team, and ensure that your tools are working as they should, regardless of where your people are based. As you evolve into a new working model, so too will your technology with SugarShot at the helm of your IT strategy.

The importance of operational continuity

Data breaches and network viruses can leave businesses with significant unwanted downtime and as the world moves faster, this can be devastating for profitability. What you need is a well thought through technology infrastructure that is tailor made for life after COVID-19 with your team in many locations (or one), and with global communication as one of your key priorities. SugarShot offers security strategy, intrusion detection, network monitoring, and threat management so that you have the confidence you need to keep growing and expanding. We understand compliance and security and weave it into every cloud services engagement we put together. 

The right IT and cloud services partner for your business

SugarShot empowers your businesses to take control of your collaboration, work design and technology infrastructure in a predictable and budgeted monthly fee. We reduce hardware costs and bundle service and hardware expenses together to make life easier.

5 Reasons to Choose SugarShot

1. More Insight
Future proof your cloud strategy, productivity intelligence and data reporting.
2. More efficiency
Integrate software, tools and cloud storage to streamline your operations and collaboration.
3. More performance
Helping your teams and leaders perform better and get the job done with IT systems that work in any location.
4. More security
Build a strategy for your security and deploy the world's most advanced anti-virus, employee training, process improvement, network maintenance and technology driven security layers.
5. A stronger foundation
Keep your doors open and operate your business in the very best way you can as you strive towards security, safety and guaranteed operational continuity.
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