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Is Your Workforce Prepared to Go Remote?

The ability to transition your team to remote work is increasingly vital for businesses. 

The global crisis surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic has made it clear that many companies are still not equipped to function remotely. While some already allow remote work, 44% of companies don’t allow remote work at all. Businesses are scrambling to set up remote employees and struggling to stay productive. You need a partner.


Keep Up Business as Usual With an IT Partner You Trust

It is crucial to arm your employees for this transition with the right tools and procedures to work from home. Taking the time to establish security policies and provide your employees with the guidance they need to be successful will help ensure a successful changeover. If the concept of a remote workforce makes your head spin, don’t worry – you’re not alone. SugarShot is here to help. 

We do Technology. Differently.

We’re not like your typical managed IT services firm in Los Angeles. SugarShot does technology, differently. Our proposals are different. Our brand is different. Our customer support is different. And we mean different in a good way, not a bad way.

Now, more than ever, slow and unreliable technology will cripple your ability to maintain business continuity. You need a blueprint on what to do now, and what you’ll need next. That’s what our business continuity and virtual office strategy looks like at SugarShot.

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Free Advice off the Bat
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Anti-Virus & Network Monitoring
Server Maintenance & IT Support
Security & Compliance
Machine & Computer Procurement
Remote & Onsite IT Support
IT Consulting & Intelligence
24/7 Help Desk via SugarShot Live
Data that shows you performance & insight

What does business continuity look like during this time?

Prioritizing speed

Beyond current concerns about COVID-19, many other scenarios may necessitate transitioning employees to a remote work environment:

– Cost-saving measures
– Schools closing down
– Reduced or paused work travel
– Supporting clients out of state
– Worker requests to stay home
– Increased digital communication
– Rapid workforce augmentation- Hardware shortages



Remote is the future

You don’t need to wait for some life-altering event to happen before setting up a remote workforce. There are plenty of benefits to being proactive about offering a work-from-home option to employee. In a world post COVID-19, remote work will continue to become the new norm and having the agility to add to your team using a virtually cohesive workflow will be an asset for any business. We can help you discover what you need right now in a modular way, so that the future can be added to instead of rebuilt.

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5 Reasons to choose SugarShot

1. Greater Insight
This is what we've been doing for two decades. We know virtual workforces and continuity strategy.
2. Greater efficiency
After a strategic audit, we can identify the right tools for your business immediately with a plan on how to deploy.
3. Greater performance
Business continuity is not just about survival, but thriving - Performance requires strategy and that's where help.
4. Greater security
Security is your number one priority. We develop a foundation via clear strategy, anti-virus, virtual training, process improvement, network maintenance and technology driven security layers.
5. Greater foundation
We provide the infrastructure, strategy and plan that you need to keep the doors open and operate the business well regardless of what's going on in the world
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After SugarShot conducts a comprehensive business continuity and virtual office audit of your organization, we deliver clear recommendations of the gaps and risks holding you back and the future needs to plan for before they become issues.

We distill recommendations into projects and easy-to-understand ongoing pricing. SugarShot avoids confusing and hard-to-approve quotes. We equip you with simple, clear and precise recommendations that make sense right away. 



SugarShot has a “no hidden fees and anxiety-inducing IT support bills” promise. It’s a mouthful and hard to say five times fast, but it’s important to us. Your IT support cost is always predictable and scalable (up and down) with us.

  • Scalable IT solutions that can expand and contract with your team count = more agile
  • Short term to medium term blue prints so that you’re ready for anything during this time
  • Complete security and compliance testing, regularly determining the effectiveness of your defense systems
  • Expert technical assistance for problems, challenges and incidents, deployed remotely, 24/7

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“Before switching to SugarShot, I became overwhelmed at maintaining my own IT due to updates and new technologies. It was difficult for me to take vacation. I used the SugarShot monitoring services not only for 24-hour support but also to eliminate the hassle of managing an internal IT employee.”
Paul Lin
United Pacific Industries
Everything went great with the new network set up. We will definitely use SugarShot again when the need arises.
Paul Chackel
Director of Technical Operations,
Benenson Strategy Group
Over the course of the last ten years, SugarShot, has risen to the occasion by undertaking the development of projects that required very fast turnaround and minimal supervision…I have always found the to be knowledgeable, diligent and patient with a high level of customer focus.
Denise Offutt
Senior Manager of Market Research,
Without SugarShot’s help, we could not effectively forecast our IT budget. Now, our down time and frustration level has been greatly reduced. SugarShot is a win-win proposition.
Diana Fair
My computer died last night; over the weekend, and your Engineer met me at Best Buy and helped me buy a machine, took it and my old one home with him overnight, and had the whole thing working for me this morning.
Gareth Schweitzer
Founder & President,
Kelton Global

Engaging SugarShot for continuity planning
and virtual office setup

SugarShot is more than just a managed service provider.

We’re your success partner.


Our LA-based team is made up experienced LA IT pros, ready to roll out:


1. A risk and needs assessment

Before introducing new IT solutions, you need to understand your starting point. In this technical and business risk assessment, we audit your systems, technology and operations across five dimensions: Survival, Security, Efficiency, Performance and Insight. We do this quickly, because we understand the need for you to respond to your situation with speed.


2. Technology and systems setup

If your employees are transitioning from desktop to laptop, will they need access to any specialized software? If you use industry-specific software, make sure your IT department has a process in place to facilitate installation to accommodate users’ needs efficiently. Whatever it is that you need, we get it ready.


3. Security policy implementation

A remote workforce means that team members will be able to access company systems from home as well as public WiFi networks. It’s vital to have an established policy in place to clarify essential security measures. Sensitive information must be protected. Secure passwords, cloud storage, and virtual private networks (VPNs) are all crucial elements to consider when implementing your security policy.


4. Virtual training for your team

A flexible work policy won’t always be an exciting notion for every employee. Older or less tech-savvy employees may have a hard time adapting to new technology, which can lead to frustration or confusion. Don’t allow employees to feel like they’re on their own when it comes to working remotely. Dedicate time to train employees in advance of working from home, and follow up once they’re in place to ensure they have everything they need. 


5. Constant communication

We check in weekly and monthly via our customer success managers, and offer online assistant through SugarShot Live whenever you need it. We stay connected so that you’re always supported.

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Changing IT providers can feel daunting, but it needn’t be. It starts with a free conversation to understand what you’re looking for. Has your previous IT support company let you down too many times? Standard IT management firms can cause headaches for businesses like yours. With unusually structure packages and confusing pricing, it’s hard to know how to get the most from the partnership with them. That’s where SugarShot is different. Perhaps it’s a time for a shift. Your business security, technology and IT management is too important right now to leave it up to chance. You need the right partner…Us. 


You may realize it’s time to upgrade your existing systems. You might be seeing the break all around you as you push the business into a new season of operating in a partially or fully virtual way. You need a partner to help. We strive to be sweeter, but don’t sugarcoat anything: Candid, business-centric advice.