9 Reasons You Need
IT Temp Staffing Now

Posted on February 26, 2021

If you’ve been considering hiring temporary IT staffing but aren’t sure it’s right for your business, think again. Not only does IT temp staffing make sense financially, but there are reasons you may not have considered that could benefit your business in a big way.


Effective IT management and security are crucial to the success of any organization. Therefore, it’s essential to guard your data against theft, fraud and sometimes, your own employees’ inexperience (did we say that out loud?).


Here are 11 reasons you need IT temp staffing now.

1. You Need Help With a Short-Term (or Long-Term) Projects

Are you stymied by how to perform software upgrades or patch management properly? What about long-term projects like system migrations or hardware implementations? Projects can take up valuable time that your in-house IT staff cannot afford. 


Handing off projects to temporary IT team members can free up your internal IT team to focus on strategic initiatives and customer service efforts.

2. You Need Coverage Unexpectedly

Have you ever had a key IT employee unexpectedly quit? Replacing knowledgeable staff doesn’t happen overnight. Whether you decide to outsource the expertise or replace the team member full-time, having interim IT coverage helps bridge the gap while determining which course to take.


You may also need short-term coverage for business surges, vacation relief and maternity or other leaves of absence. When you require IT staff, hiring skilled temporary workers may be the solution.

3. Your Business Lacks an IT Strategy

Many companies fly by the seat of their pants regarding information technology. Not investing in a long-term strategic plan or roadmap results in fire drill situations and break-fix remedies that are expensive and hazardous to network security. 


If you lack a thoughtful, future-minded IT strategy, hiring an expert temporary IT staffing firm can help secure your system and your peace of mind.

4. You’re Out of IT Compliance

All businesses must comply with specific regulatory requirements to function legally. Lacking IT compliance policies and procedures is a problem you cannot afford to ignore. IT compliance entails several factors:


  • Compliance audits, annual reviews and ongoing testing

  • Gap analysis and recommendation reports

  • Device control and monitoring

  • Risk assessments


If you need compliance experts’ guidance, finding an agency specializing in IT compliance requirements could be a godsend. 

5. Your Office is Moving 

Let’s face it: Managing an office expansion or relocation is a pain. Planning, logistics, hardware provisioning, teardown and setup are things no one likes to do.


Assigning this type of work to internal staff slows down everyday operations and can cause costly errors and accidents (cracked monitors, anyone?). Temporary staff who can prioritize logistics and timelines keeps your business on track and your equipment safe.

6. You Need Off-Hours or Weekend Coverage

The speed of business today is non-stop, especially if you have customers in different time zones. Paying full-time employees to work nights and weekends is not only expensive but often bad for morale. 


Whether you need part-time help to get you through an around-the-clock project or a longer-term solution, temporary technology staffing can provide the coverage you need.

7. You Don’t Have a Help Desk

When you don’t have dedicated IT professionals on your team, maintenance and security issues can take a backseat to everyday business operations. This can cause breaches that are dangerous and costly.


When your technology tools are being used incorrectly or not at all, your efficiency also takes a hit. From handling printer problems to necessary software updates, good Help Desk personnel are often unsung office heroes. Most IT temp staffing companies offer Help Desk assistance as a core service. 

8. You Need Help With BYOD

Employees’ personal devices have become ubiquitous with remote work scenarios. If you don’t have BYOD device management policies in place, you may put your business at risk. Analyzing cost savings and security risks against productivity gains (and losses) can help determine whether BYOD is worth your investment.


Performing a BYOD analysis may take time you don’t have to spare. Hiring short-term IT temps can be the solution you need to get this process underway.

9. You’ve Had an Emergency

Emergencies take many forms. Whether you’ve had a weather-related catastrophe, break-in, or cyberattack, time is of the essence in securing your network and sensitive data.


Protecting your business against unforeseen events is often costly, but you can’t afford not to. Taking proactive steps in cybersecurity, secure data backups, and business continuity is something every business must invest in long-term.


Securing an incident response team that’s available 24/7/365 helps get you operational — fast. 

You’ll Love SugarShot’s IT Temp Staffing Services — Guaranteed

For many businesses, IT is a necessary evil. You need advanced technology to run your company, but managing it is often expensive and exhausting.


With all the threats businesses face today, you can’t afford to take chances. Finding a temporary IT staffing agency you can trust is worth its weight in gold. 


If IT isn’t in your wheelhouse, don’t worry — it’s in ours. SugarShot lives and breathes all things technology. Our skilled IT staff hits the ground running, giving you the service you need when you need it.


Want to learn more? Contact us today — you’ll be glad you did. 

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