How You Can Take Advantage
of Managed Services

Posted on February 25, 2022

Are the costs of managing your technological resources continuing to mount? Is outdated tech hindering productivity and cutting into your profit margins? Looking for a way to take the headache out of IT?

If this sounds familiar, then it may be time to contract with a managed services provider (MSP). An MSP can serve as a catalyst for new growth, as they can expertly manage every one of your digital assets.


How You Can Take Advantage of Managed Services


An MSP can also pave the way for significant cost savings, thereby freeing up financial resources to develop new products or expand your organization.


Sounds pretty appealing, right? We think so, too, which is why we created this guide to partnering with an MSP.


Below, we’ll explore what a managed services provider does, what should be addressed in your first contract, and what business model an MSP will typically use.


How You Can Take Advantage of Managed Services


What Services Do MSPs Provide?


As the name suggests, an MSP manages your IT systems, software, hardware, and other resources. With that being said, each managed services provider will offer a unique combination of solutions for your business.


When seeking an MSP, it is essential to choose a partner that offers all of the specific services you need.


For instance, if you want your MSP to oversee cybersecurity, network monitoring, and web hosting, make sure to select a partner that operates in all of these fields. Otherwise, you will need to enter into multiple partnerships, which will be both costly and tedious.


In addition to managed services, many top MSPs also offer comprehensive IT consulting services. An IT consultant will provide advice and guidance when your business is researching new tech or undertaking a large-scale information technology project.


As you can see, the right MSP can add tremendous value to your organization. They can serve as your entire IT department or augment the capabilities of your existing information technology professionals.


How You Can Take Advantage of Managed Services


What Is Included in an MSP Service Agreement?


Virtually every partnership between a business and a managed services provider is governed by a managed services agreement (MSA).


An MSA is a detailed contract that outlines the nature and scope of the relationship. The MSA will also explain the level of service that the MSP will be expected to provide.


A managed services agreement will address issues such as the MSPs liability for protecting the provider, minimum response time, and which specific services are included. The MSA also lays out the agreed-upon fee structure, including the frequency and amount of each payment.


How You Can Take Advantage of Managed Services


What Pricing Models Do Managed Service Providers Use?


The most common pricing model used by MSPs is a monthly fee schedule. The client will pay a flat fee for the agreed-upon services. If the client requests additional services from the MSP, then the two parties will need to create a new MSA and renegotiate the fee schedule.


Some MSPs may allow their clients to pay annually instead of monthly. In return, the client may receive a discount on their services. For instance, let’s say that your quote for managed services is $3,000 per month. An MSP that bills both monthly and annually may offer you a 10% discount if you pay a lump sum for your services, which would translate to a savings of $3,600.


Benefits of Partnering with an MSP


The managed services market has exploded over the last few years, and for good reason, too. By partnering with an MSP, you can experience benefits such as:


Reduced Stress


Managing your IT resources in-house can be a major pain point for small to medium-sized business owners, especially if you have to shoulder some of these responsibilities yourself.


To make matters worse, completing routine tasks can turn into all-day projects if IT is not your primary area of expertise.


An MSP can take over every aspect of information technology management. This will mean a lot less stress for you and your employees. Not only will you be able to outsource all of your IT needs, but you can have peace of mind knowing that your technological resources are being managed by a team of experts. Sounds like a pretty easy call, doesn’t it?


How You Can Take Advantage of Managed Services


More Time to Focus on Your Business


Once you’ve outsourced your IT needs to an MSP, you will have far more time to focus on growing your business. You can spend a larger part of your day interacting with customers, meeting with staff members, and tackling exciting new projects.


If your goal is to grow your company, outsourcing IT to an MSP is a must.


Enhanced Cybersecurity


For the last several years, cyberattacks have been on the rise. These attacks are not only occurring more frequently, but hackers are using increasingly complex methods to breach networks and access confidential data.


Fortunately, an MSP can help you mitigate these risks by implementing leading-edge cybersecurity solutions. They will identify and remedy network vulnerabilities in order to protect business continuity.


How You Can Take Advantage of Managed Services


Cost Savings


One of the biggest perks to managed services is cost savings. An MSP can provide a higher level of IT services than an in-house team at a fraction of the cost. Since they bill using a flat monthly fee, it is incredibly easy to work this expense into your annual budget, as well.


How SugarShot Does Managed Services Differently


SugarShot’s managed IT services stand out from our competition because we believe in combining traditional MSP solutions with expert information technology consulting. At the outset of any new partnership, we provide our clients with a comprehensive IT and technology blueprint that helps them accomplish their short and long-term goals.


How You Can Take Advantage of Managed Services


The team at SugarShot will sweeten your company’s IT resources by deploying the latest tools and tech. We will support business continuity, optimize your performance and accelerate your growth.


If you are ready to forge a lasting relationship with a client-oriented MSP, SugarShot may be just the partner you have been searching for. Contact us today to learn more about our simple pricing and our incredible managed services.


How You Can Take Advantage of Managed Services

How You Can Take Advantage of Managed Services

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