Understanding the Value
Offered by IT Companies

Posted on February 24, 2022

The IT sector is far and above the fastest growing industry over the last two decades. As technology has evolved, it has been thrust into the center of everything that a company does. From communication with coworkers to developing products or tracking inventory, all of these vital business tasks are performed using technological resources.

Naturally, this surge in demand has led to the rise of hundreds, if not thousands of different IT companies. Some IT organizations focus on developing consumer-centric products like mobile apps, while others create dynamic solutions for businesses. Still other tech teams provide managed services, which means that they monitor and oversee all of the digital resources that your business uses on a daily basis.


It would be all too easy to write an entire book about the abundance of services and tasks performed by “IT companies,” but that information would do little to help you grow your business. Instead, today, we’ll focus on how partnerships with specific types of IT companies can add value to your organization. 


Understanding the Value Offered by IT Companies


How Have IT Companies Evolved?


Just 20 years ago, most small to mid-sized IT companies were very niche entities. These companies typically poured all of their resources into developing a few select products or services, which they then sold to their target audience. They also provided tech support services in order to maintain and troubleshoot their products.


Due to advancements in technology, the cost of entry to the tech space has significantly decreased. As a result, startup companies and independent IT service providers have spread like wildfire.


Understanding the Value Offered by IT Companies


These organizations were created in response to an increase in demand for IT support services and help desk support.


In the modern business model, technology is an integral component of virtually every touchpoint between employees and consumers. This means that businesses often rely on a mix of IT solutions. Some of these solutions are provided by massive enterprises, while other applications may be offered by smaller tech companies.


What Are the Largest Software Companies?


Despite the fact that the IT industry has evolved significantly in just a few short years, a handful of tech giants still dominate the space. These companies have the financial resources, staffing, and expertise necessary to create dynamic and innovative products that are a valuable asset to businesses around the globe.


While you have undoubtedly heard of and likely interacted with all of these entities, we have provided some brief information on their business services below.


Understanding the Value Offered by IT Companies




Like the other companies on this list, Google is heavily involved in the cloud computing services space.


Cloud computing refers to the ability to access on-demand resources such as computing power and data storage via the cloud. Google’s cloud computing solution is known as the Google Cloud Platform.


Google’s platform is used to support its end-user solutions, such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, Google Docs, and the company’s well-known search engine.




When discussing Amazon, most people immediately think of the online retail store that offers lightning-fast deliveries. However, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of Amazon’s largest subsidiaries.


AWS is a front-facing cloud computing platform that is offered to businesses, governments, and individuals.


Thousands of businesses worldwide rely on AWS to provide their digital infrastructure. AWS includes dozens of other tools and features as well, such as relationship management functionalities, data encryption, and a fully managed infrastructure.




Microsoft’s cloud computing solution is known as Microsoft Azure. The Azure cloud platform consists of over 200 products and services. Azure is used by businesses of all sizes across a variety of sectors. Azure is also used by government entities.




The only IT company that you may not have heard of on our list is Oracle. However, Oracle is one of the largest IT companies in the world.

Oracle is a diverse technology corporation that develops a comprehensive stack of cloud services and applications. Oracle also develops hardware products, database software, and other solutions that are used by businesses in a wide range of industries.


Understanding the Value Offered by IT Companies




Founded in 1911, International Business Machine (better known as IBM) is the largest IT service company worldwide. IBM has hundreds of thousands of employees spread throughout 170 nations. In addition to producing leading-edge cloud software, IBM also develops global financing, global business services (GBS), and global technology services (GTS).


What Value Do IT Companies Offer at Different Sizes?


A quick Google search of the phrase “IT companies” will turn up thousands of results. While it is great to have options, having too many choices can make it nearly impossible to determine which partner is best for the needs of your company.

To help, we wanted to provide you with some general information about the value offered by IT companies of different sizes.


Understanding the Value Offered by IT Companies


Local IT Startups (1 to 20 Employees)


While the size of your local IT company will vary, these firms typically have teams of 20 employees or less. If the company is a startup that is still in its infancy, it may consist of only one or two tech pros.

Local IT companies can be great partners for your business because they can provide you with personalized solutions. They can offer a level of one-on-one support and high-quality customer service that may be lacking with larger IT companies.


Understanding the Value Offered by IT Companies


Small IT Companies (21 to 50 Employees)


Small IT companies typically employ fewer than 50 employees. They often work out of a single office location. However, these companies may have one or two satellite workspaces if they have started to expand to different regions.


Like local startups, these IT companies can provide highly personalized service that is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses.


Due to their slightly larger staff, they likely have their personnel divided into small teams based on their area of expertise. For instance, four or five staff members may focus entirely on cybersecurity, while another team specializes in consulting and product deployment.


Understanding the Value Offered by IT Companies


Medium IT Companies (51 to 200 Employees)


Medium IT companies almost always have multiple office locations. These firms may offer a few additional managed services or products that smaller companies do not. They have adequate resources and staff to support the needs of SMBs or somewhat larger organizations.


Large IT Companies (201 to 500 Employees)


As you transition to large IT companies, look for the range of products they offer to expand. For instance, they may offer more comprehensive lifecycle asset management services.


Asset management is a valuable service for large businesses that have an abundance of software and hardware resources.


Understanding the Value Offered by IT Companies


Enterprise IT Firms (500 or More Employees)


The largest class of IT companies are enterprise IT firms. These organizations employ hundreds, if not thousands of people. Enterprise tech companies include the behemoths listed above.


Enterprise IT companies offer highly advanced software solutions at scale. This allows them to provide your business with digital products and services, such as CRM technologies, at a very cost-effective rate.


Understanding the Value Offered by IT Companies


Which IT Company Is Right for My Business?


As your business needs grow and evolve, you will undoubtedly need to deploy products developed by some of the tech giants mentioned above. However, your company and its specific needs can get lost in the shuffle as these multinational corporations seek to maximize revenue and keep their stakeholders happy.


That’s why you need to partner with a USA-based team of IT pros that truly has your best interests at heart. SugarShot is that partner.


We know our name is a bit “different”, but so is our approach to information technology. At SugarShot, we believe that all of our clients deserve solutions that are as unique as they are. That is why we offer a tailored suite of IT services and products that can give you peace of mind, full productivity, and a solid growth trajectory.


Let’s chat and see how we can drive your company forward together. Get in touch today.


Understanding the Value Offered by IT Companies

Understanding the Value Offered by IT Companies

Understanding the Value Offered by IT Companies



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