Common Help Desk
Problems and Solutions

Posted on February 25, 2022

As a leader within your organization, you understand all too well just how frustrating technological issues can be. Sure, your digital assets are a valuable resource to your organization when everything is working as designed. However, even a brief outage or malfunction can cause productivity to come to a screeching halt. Fortunately, many of these problems can be mitigated by leveraging the services of a help desk provider. These firms provide essential tech support when you need it most.

In order to help you better understand just how beneficial these services can be to your organization, we have outlined several common issues that help desk personnel resolve. We also discuss the substantial benefits of outsourcing your help desk needs instead of developing your own in-house tech support team.


What Are Outsourced Help Desk Security Solutions?


Outsourced help desk solutions fall under the umbrella of managed services. Help desk assistance can be offered by a managed services provider or MSP. However, not all MSPs offer help desk support.


An MSP is a third-party entity that offers a variety of outsourced IT solutions, including network management, software installation, cybersecurity services, and at times, help desk support. 


When you contract with an MSP for help desk support, they will assign personnel to your account. These experienced IT professionals will be your go-to resource any time you encounter an issue with your digital assets.


Common Help Desk Problems and Solutions


How Do Help Desk Services Work?


While each MSP’s help desk service offering will have some unique traits, the general approach remains the same. When one of your staff members encounters a tech issue that they cannot resolve on their own, they can simply call your help desk support line for assistance.


The help desk staff member will gather some additional information from your employee so that they can diagnose the issue. If necessary, help desk personnel will remotely access the device so that they can perform needed diagnostics and troubleshooting activities.


Many help desk support providers also allow their clients to submit service requests via a “service ticket.” These tickets are submitted via email or through a designated application, depending on the provider. The MSP will prioritize ticket requests so that they can address the most pressing issues first.


Most Common Help Desk Issues


Help desk support personnel have the skill and versatility necessary to tackle a wide range of tech issues, including:


The Blue Screen of Death


By far one of the most concerning sights among users who rely on the Windows operating system is the “blue screen of death.” In decades past, the blue screen of death was a sure sign that your computer was ready to be tossed in the scrap heap. However, this is no longer the case. 


Oftentimes, the blue screen of death can be attributed to an issue with a driver or a specific hardware component within the device. This system crash occurs most frequently after new hardware has been installed. 


Generally, the problem can be resolved with a simple system reboot. When it cannot, then it is time to contact your help desk team. 


Password Lockouts


While far less severe than a system crash, being locked out of key computer applications can be just as detrimental to productivity. In addition, password-related issues are much more common than legitimate hardware malfunctions. 


This inconvenience is especially widespread for businesses that utilize multiple computer applications without implementing some sort of single sign-on password management tool. 


To mitigate problems associated with forgotten passwords, many companies deploy authentication portals, which allow employees to answer security questions to reset their existing passcodes. This approach reduces the burden on help desk personnel while also allowing employees to get back to work faster. 


Unusually Slow Internet or Lost WiFi Connections


Another exceedingly common help desk issue is slow internet. A slow internet connection may occur when a network is spread across multiple floors or buildings. This IT problem may also be the result of a business using too many cloud-based services simultaneously. 


Regardless of why you are experiencing a slow connection, a help desk support team can systematically analyze your network and identify the root cause of the problem. They can then take the necessary steps to restore normal internet speeds. 


In addition, help desk support staff can assist with hardware-related internet issues, such as a loss of WiFi connection. 


Unexplained Computer Latency


At times, the computer device itself may be the source of slow performance. A slow-running computer will not just impede productivity; it can become downright frustrating. 


Help desk staff are capable of remotely accessing your connected devices. They can then perform diagnostics to determine what is causing your device to lag. 


Device Connectivity Issues


Like most other businesses, your company likely uses various network-connected devices such as wireless printers, document scanners, and VoIP phone systems. 


Making the switch to wireless devices can allow your team to work more efficiently while also eliminating the need to have cumbersome cords draped across your office space. However, these devices can be prone to connectivity problems, especially in the early days of deployment. 


Help desk personnel can remedy this frustrating problem by ensuring that all employees have the relevant drivers installed on their devices. A driver is a small data file that is required for your staff to use a network-connected device. Help desk teams will also check to verify that each device is properly connected to your network.


Common Help Desk Problems and Solutions


Benefits of Working with a Help Desk MSP


While it is certainly possible to create your own in-house help desk department, doing so can be incredibly costly. Outsourcing your help desk needs to an experienced MSP is a more practical approach that has many advantages, including:


Access to Industry Experts


MSPs that offer help desk services employ a diverse team of experts. These talented individuals can efficiently resolve virtually any technological issue that your team may encounter. From cybersecurity concerns to simple password resets, they do it all.


24/7 Support


A help desk service provider offers around-the-clock support to your business. This coverage means that your staff can get the help they need when they need it. 24/7 support has become essential in our current market, as most companies operate at least partially outside of traditional business hours.


Resolve Productivity Issues Rapidly


Every minute that one of your team members is unable to access vital IT resources, your business is hemorrhaging money. Fortunately, a help desk MSP can quickly stop the bleeding by restoring the function of your core systems.


Reduced Costs


Lastly, outsourcing your help desk support is a great cost-saving move. Hiring even one experienced IT professional can cost your business close to $100,000 annually when you account for benefits and other expenses. Partnering with an MSP will barely cost a fraction of that, which will free up your financial resources for other purposes.


Experience Help Desk Reimagined with SugarShot


SugarShot offers a full range of managed IT services, including 24/7 help desk support. However, our offering is unique in that we provide our clients with the perfect balance of IT infrastructure solutions, cybersecurity services, and managed help desk support.

Cumulatively, these services allow your organization to leverage its technologies and enable growth. To learn more, connect with our team today. 


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