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Scale Your Los Angeles Business With Cloud Computing

New business technologies emerge every day. To quickly deploy productivity tools and remain competitive, you need flexible, scalable IT infrastructure in place. PowerCloud cloud services from SugarShot eliminate the need for costly on-site infrastructure and keep your small business running at full speed.

The low cost and high availability of cloud services enable you to compete with established industry players. Choosing an experienced IT support partner to help design and execute your cloud strategy will prepare you for long-term success.

Why choose cloud services from SugarShot?

As a top cloud computing provider, SugarShot has become a trusted cloud IT support partner for hundreds of Los Angeles companies.

Here’s how our PowerCloud cloud services make your business more efficient:

  • Connect and empower your team. Give your team access to critical applications and files from anywhere. Flexible cloud solutions allow employees to share, edit and publish documents and arm you with greater business insight.
  • Customize cloud solutions to your needs. Your small business is unique. Your cloud solutions should reflect the way your team operates and where your business is headed. Our cloud experts work with you to design a cloud strategy that makes sense for your needs and budget.
  • Gain powerful functionalities on any budget: Cloud services can actually cut your monthly IT costs. SugarShot implements cloud technologies to mobilize your workforce and cushion your bottom line.
  • Scale IT with your business: Choose from on-site or hosted services from our virtual terminal server, and quickly scale your cloud solutions as your business grows and adapts.

Amplify productivity and collaboration with cloud computing services from SugarShot:

Hosted Solutions


Hosted solutions like SharePoint and Exchange enable your team to store documents online, review files, write blogs and wikis and manage mailboxes.

Whether you’re looking for hosted Microsoft Exchange, VoIP solutions or SharePoint, SugarShot can be your trusted partner in the cloud. Our hosted solutions support iOS, Windows and Blackberry.

Office 365 Migrations


Fuel productivity with email and collaboration tools like shared calendars, contacts and tasks and public folders. SugarShot can successfully migrate your company to Office 365 and help you fully utilize this cloud platform.

IT Support Services and Cloud Consulting


Cloud solutions are typically low maintenance. But to maximize business value from these technologies, they should communicate with one another. With IT support services from SugarShot, our cloud experts manage your IT infrastructure, direct your cloud strategy and educate you every step of the way.

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Mark Macdonald

SugarShot brought education along with security. With SugarShot, everything works. Their Harmony Service with Blackberry sync was the single best investment I ever made in technology. To be able to come home and spend time with my wife and son and know that every service that SugarShot provides is working is great piece of mind. It's that simple and that amazing.

Venice Nutrition, INC.

Jeff Munjack

SugarShot's technology and available products have enhanced our efficiency and business mobility tremendously. Scott and his team have been extremely knowledgeable and I feel like an important client.

JDM Financial Group

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