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Continuity planning for when things don’t go to plan.

LA, Are You Workplace Ready
for COVID-19?

Preparedness Planning

As the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) spreads across the globe, the likelihood of it impacting business as usual increases. Our intention is not to raise alarm or amplify fear. Our goal is to increase preparedness against potential business disruption. Technology plays a major part. Many businesses are considering precautionary measures as they lean into proactivity. We support this approach for the sake of guaranteed business continuity. Consider your readiness for the following scenarios:


– Workplace illnesses

– Schools closing down

– Reduced delivery schedules

– Reduced or paused work travel

– Supporting clients out of state

– Worker requests to stay home

– Increased digital communication

– Rapid workforce augmentation

– Hardware shortages (E.g. laptops)

– Transition to teleworker setup 

Before you look at deploying new technology

Before you consider hardware or software, it’s important that you have a secure and compliant foundation with strong governance built in. Setting up an employee with a laptop on their couch while they have Netflix on in the background sounds easy but there’s a lot to consider. Network speed and security are essential, and data handling compliance requires documented protocols, expectations and governance training for your staff.  While technology is essential, you also need a strategy. A bespoke solution designed and deployed to meet your specific work environment needs.

Our Recommended Solutions

Stability - Office 365 Backup
Security - SugarShot Cybersecurity Suite
Collaboration - Microsoft Teams
Work - Office 365
Conferencing - Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub
Remote - Meraki Z3 Teleworker Security
Hardware - Laptop / Hardware early Purchase
Reporting - Remote Microsoft Power BI

How SugarShot Helps

1. Strategy

SugarShot has mastered remote work. Before you jump into solutions, it’s best to get an assessment to define the existing and future needs.


SugarShot can deploy rapid strategic assessment to help you spend dollars efficiently and economically across a bespoke solution mix for your business. We cover contingency plans, teleworker strategy, training, rapid-scale licensing, hardware stockpiling, conferencing tools and workflow collaboration solutions.

2. Solutions

Specific preparedness bundles and project solutions to scale from a position of readiness.


1. Contingency plans
2. Risk profile of your existing business
3. Secure remote communications tools
4. Conferencing solutions
5. Online work environments
6. Remote security protocol
7. Teleworker transition
8. Full service training platorms

Our COVID-19 Process

STEP 1 - COVID-19 Risk Assessment
STEP 2 - Continuity Strategy
STEP 3 - Solution Recommendation
STEP 4 - Solution Deployment
STEP 5 - Ongoing Monitoring
STEP X - Emergency Readiness & Training
As Seen On:
Arnie also knows his industry inside and out and helped us avoid many pitfalls and problems that came up as we scaled to a larger company. We would have never been able to handle all the server issues, bandwidth issues, and security issues.
Daniel Savage
Educational Science Corporation
SugarShot really does provide astoundingly good customer service. If there’s an issue I can generally get it resolved very quickly and in a very user-friendly way, and that’s quite special. SugarShot frees management to focus on core business.
Jeffrey Balash
Comstock Capital Partners
We would like to thank you and your team for the excellent work you have done to facilitate this large network transition from our parent company. We are grateful for your creative approach to building our network structure that has better security, efficiency, and productivity.
Teri Boyle
Vice President of Corporate Operations,
Monarch Owner Services
SugarShot allows me to focus on what I do best: running my company. Our network is no longer held together with bubble gum and bailing wire. With SugarShot we have a solid infrastructure in place.
Mike Holwick
Holwick Construction
Everything went great with the new network set up. We will definitely use SugarShot again when the need arises.
Paul Chackel
Director of Technical Operations,
Benenson Strategy Group

Find out more about our solutions

Windows 7 & Server 2008 End of Life

Don’t get caught with outdated product. Cyber security will be a greater risk in the coming months as our attention is on the news. It’s important to prioritize security, especially if transitioning to remote work.

Microsoft Teams

Chat from anywhere. Collaborate on projects. Facilitate video conferencing and shared virtual whiteboards. Unleash the power of team with Microsoft Teams. Talk to us today about Microsoft’s generous promotions right now.

Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub

Make meeting more productive. Easy to deploy and use, this all-in-one meeting room device is scalable across room sizes.


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Engaging SugarShot Ensures...

Built in training platform
A seamless transition to remote
Compliance assurance
Strong data security standards
Productivity & Collaboration
Feature rich remote workforce
Scalable future remote planning
Continuity of operations
Stronger morale through cohesive technology

A letter from our CEO

SugarShot Co founder and CEO recently published an email for all customers letting them know the SugarShot response to COVID-19. Email us today to receive a copy.

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We’re here to help and have dedicated all our newsletters to focusing on practical recommendations that you can activate today. Find our more about our COVID-19 risk assessment by contacting us.